High School Internship

This page is currently inactive.  Due to changes in programs by the State of Ohio, this program is not being offered at the current time.



The intern's primary responsibility will be to serve as a lineman at Greene County Regional Airport. This includes:

  • Ensuring ramp safety with multiple types of aircraft operating at the airport.

  • Exposure to general aviation.

  • Exposure to military flight training/former military pilots.

  • Learning about aviation fuel procedures.


Additional aviation areas that will be explored include:


  • Aircraft maintenance: shadow our six A&P mechanics as they maintain various planes to gain knowledge of aircraft systems and see the breadth of the aviation industry (parts, suppliers, vendors, etc.)

  • FAA regulations and guidelines: gain working-level knowledge of FAA regulations for flight training and aircraft maintenance.


Additional business areas that may be explored include:


  • Benefits and challenges of running a small business

  • Company structure/organization

  • HR policies

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Marketing

  • Customer service

  • Aerial surveillance application


Salary and Benefits

  • $8.50 per hour

  • Discounted rate for aircraft rental (during flight training)

  • Can attend private pilot ground school for free ($250 value)


To learn more or apply, call Stacy McNutt at 937-581-9970 or contact us today:

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